KB Wood Turnings Studio was founded in 2004 and is owned by artist Kevin Bassett.

Mr. Bassett brings to his studio years of woodturning experience, a degree in Plant Pathology and over three decades of experience as an award-winning Arborist.

His extensive knowledge of rare and common woods serves him well in his studio.

Upon seeing a particular wood sample his inspiration is immediate in terms of design and final product. With a lifetime spent trying to preserve trees, which are, according to Mr. Bassett, “the last true witnesses to our history,” every wood sample is treated with value and respect.

Mr. Bassett’s one-of-a-kind turned pieces are individual works of art. Every object is named and signed by the artist himself.

In September, 2007, Mr. Bassett was awarded First Place Winner in the "Masters at Work" competition of the Oklahoma Forest Heritage Center & Museum.

See the gallery of Mr. Bassett's latest work here.

For more information and for special orders please contact Kevin at Kevin@KBWoodturnings.com.

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